Anonymous asked:
how could u evn fall for paige? shes ugly

Cmu. She was just cool.

Anonymous asked:
Answer ya fuck :L You're ratchet as, stealing Franos phone and shit. Poharaaa

Me? :L sorry you got the wrong person mah bro. :’)

Anonymous asked:
Do you enjoy lying to your girlfriend?


straightthugginn asked:
your bog i sfucking dope man!

thanks bro. 

Anonymous asked:
you're a big fan of biggie smalls right? do you feel good knowing that you made me feel this way mate. suicidal thoughts is how i feel because of you. "i swear to god i wanna slight my wrist and end this bullshit."

yeah, how did i make you have suicidal thoughts though? that’s awks.

not-so-hipster-after-all asked:
when you un follow people :L

huh? lol.